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Take a moment and reflect on those who have been most influential in your life. Who inspired you the most? Taught you? Believed in you? Who were they?For me, and for the many people I work with, their greatest teacher has been a horse. Yes. A horse.In the twenty years that I have been working with horses, I have experienced the truly transformative power of these animals. As a psychotherapist providing horse assisted therapy, I have watched as they have healed old pain, gently confronted deeply held beliefs and made it safe for a person to truly look inside of themselves.They helped, where others had failed. Created hope, where once there was uncertainty. You may be wondering...

Jasmine Chomski, MA, RP
Registered Psychotherapist

- How can a horse teach me about life? They do so, by demonstrating the most basic ways of living. Humans get so caught up in our thoughts, that we have forgotten these basic truths. Horses can offer us so much about ourselves, they can help us heal and essentially teach us to live more consciously.
- What does Equine Assisted Therapy involve? My psychotherapy clients have the opportunity to interact with my five horses in an open field. The horses are free to move about, as they choose. All activity takes place on the ground, not on horseback. The client engages in problem solving activities with the horses and then together, we process the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that come up. How people approach these activities is how they approach life. Here, they are able to see the immediate cause and effect of their thoughts and behaviours. What comes up, is always relevant to what the person is experiencing in their own life.
- Who is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) good for? I believe that sessions with the horses can benefit most people and a variety of issues. EAP takes the two dimensional therapeutic experience and makes it three dimensional. We go from simply talking about issues to experiencing real results. In my own practice, I have seen the most improvement in people dealing with anxiety, coping with stress and relationship issues. Clients report an improvement in their ability to cope, their sense of self and their relationships.

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Meet the Herd


Our herd elder. Cowboy is Level 2 Reiki attunded and a powerful healer.


A truly gentle soul. He assists people in feeling nurtured and safe.


This gentle giant is one of our greatest teachers of boundaries.


This little horse brings a strong feminine energy, nurturing and playfulness.


Our little trouble-maker, who not only knows his mind but never lets his small size stop him.

Our four-legged therapists

Gentle, sweet and always helping clients to feel her unconditional love.

Always brings his loving energy to clients during sessions.



1 hour, year-round, by appointment only
Clients experience individualized sessions with the horses and Jasmine, our psychotherapist. In these sessions, clients will have an opportunity to work through whatever they are struggling with. Sessions take place in the paddock with all five horses, free to interact. Jasmine leads clients through different activities and then helps to process the thoughts and feelings that come up. What occurred with the horses is then related to what is currently going on in the client's life.


1.5-2 hours Spring & Summer
In this group session, participants will be led through a series of guided meditations. Each session has a different theme. Participants sit in a circle, with the horses freely engaging. The emphasis is on being fully present in the moment and learning how to ground yourself.
For dates when this will be offered, please see the calender.

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As a little girl, I had a love of horses. But I grew up in the Suburbs so there was little opportunity for me to be around them. I would go for a trail ride here and there, but it wasn't until I was 23 that I really started connecting with horses.I began taking riding lessons and becoming more involved in the universe of horses. At this time, I was finishing my Masters Degree in counselling Psychology and spending any extra time I had at the barn. There was something always so calming about being around the horses. I was riding with a lot of young girls at the time and I noticed something interesting. Whatever difficulty they were going through in their lives, they seeemed to be at peace with the horses. As a result of my experiences around the barn, I began to look into animal assisted therapy.Having gone through my own challenging experiences growing up, I always knew I wanted to help others. As I worked on my own personal development, I realized a holistic approach worked best.  With a strong base in cognitive-behavioural therapy, I assist clients in not only understanding their thought patterns but also to connect the mind,body and spirit. The horses were a natural fit with this approach. After 15 year in practice, I have seen some pretty incredible results with the horses.I now have five horses in my herd and I consider them not only my family, but also my collegues. Each one a powerful healer. The horses and I look forward to meeting you and asisting you along your journey.

Jasmine Chomski, MA, RP
Registered Psychotherapist

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